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They’re very cute at bedtime, often curling up into a tight ball before sleep. Sections of this page. FMDs are medium-sized (about 35 pounds), smart, independent, energetic, loyal, elegant dogs. He seems to enjoy some dogs and the company of people. This sweetheart was adopted out 5 years ago from us, but sadly her people fell on hard times and had to return her to us. . The rescues are usually abandoned, abused, and/or without a home. Mar 31, 2018 - The Taiwan Dog is a breed or landrace of small or medium dog indigenous to Taiwan. We never want to deter loving people from adopting dogs, but we do prefer to find our rescues homes that can provide lots of companionship. ADN-208495 Often, they also have quirky and expressive ears, eyes, and tails, and all three can help communicate their emotions and intentions. Their relatives live in locations across Asia and their ancestors have lived in close proximity to humans for thousands of years. Could it be you? Happy Easter! A Formosan Mtn Dog rescued from the streets of Taiwan by animal rescue team Taiwan. I've moved all the way to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Sign up and get $25 off pet sitting and dog walking! Her ideal home is an adult family home … [Read more...], Asher is a happy young boy that is excited to be in America, and can’t wait to be a real California boy! Since 2008 our volunteers have supported Ocean Dog Rescue (ODR) through fundraising, education programs, fostering, and home/reference checks for over three hundred dogs & their new families. He is a 10 month-old Formosan mountain dog from Taiwan, and about 30 pounds. Their goofy enthusiasm is so pure and contagious. They … He journeyed from Taiwan all the way to Rocket Dog in hopes that you would adopt him into your family. #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #puppiesofinstagram #puppies #adoptdontshop #formosanmountaindog #instagramdogs #instadogs #lazymonday #dogs #instapuppy #easter, A post shared by Ollie the doggy (@olliethefmd) on Apr 2, 2018 at 9:02am PDT. Hedy has a way of capturing your heart … [Read more...], Ollie is an adorable 10 month-old, 24 pound, Formosan Mountain Dog mix. We are a group of dedicated, animal-loving individuals and we believe every dog should have a home and the chance to be loved. Stella came over from Taiwan when she was just 2-3 months old. … [Read more...], London (dark collar) is an adorable 8 month-old, 30 pound, Formosan Mountain Dog mix. Nickname: Sam - Lovely Formosan Mix on Please work with a rescue to find an adopter/buyer for your dog or puppy. See more ideas about formosan mountain dog, formosan, mountain dogs. Being a Formosan Mountain dog cross, they will grow to a medium size dog around 20kg and of a border collie size. He has come a long way already – from a … [Read more...], Meet Aden. But i, t’s been three years and she’s opened up a lot—she’s been letting people touch her recently.”, What Are Formosan Mountain Dogs? Notwithstanding these adaptations, Formosans retained the potential to be trained, and are now used as hunting dogs, guard dogs, stunt dogs, rescue dogs, or simply as companions. She was found as a stray in Taiwan. . While this adds to the number of dogs in danger that need homes, they don’t seem to pass down common health issues in the way that some pedigreed dogs do. . Feed formosan mountain dog puppies three to 6 months old 3 meals in a twenty-four hour period. Aden is a slighly uncoordinated pup who makes us laugh when he gets the zoomies and races around like a maniac and acts silly. The Formosan Mountain Dog is a breed or landrace of small or medium dog indigenous to Taiwan. Her advice: “Make sure they can answer your questions about the dog’s personality, like how the dog is with children, and other dogs or cats. According to her foster mom, Gigi is quiet, walks well on a lease and loves to … [Read more...], Meet Inu! Taiwan dogs vary in appearance, behavior, and personal history, but they are united by a number of unique traits. My dog still has behavioral issues. . The community of Formosan dog families in the United States is very supportive and experienced in working with reactive dogs and rescues. #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #puppiesofinstagram #puppies #adoptdontshop #formosanmountaindog #instagramdogs #instadogs #dogs, A post shared by Ollie the doggy (@olliethefmd) on Mar 27, 2018 at 9:39am PDT, “The main characteristic that we struggle with when trying to place a Formosan is their shyness,” says Jacintha. They have plenty of energy, but Formosan mountain dogs still love to snuggle up to their favorite person and take a nap after a long day. I am Levi, the formosan mountain dog. Lisa is two years old and tops out at 65 lbs. They are sturdy and intelligent. ... (Formosan Mountain Dog), please reach out to the adoption group directly. They have a list of dogs up for adoption and who need foster homes. Look for rescues that can answer all these questions.”, Jacintha says that Taiwan dogs are a popular choice for Seattle residents because “not everybody has a yard or extra elbow room, so 30 to 35 pounds can be a perfect medium size.”. Though you’re unlikely to come across a Formosan Mountain Dog at your local pet store, this is still a breed worth learning about. Together they share quirks of the breed, celebrate successes when socializing their pets, and help one another through stressful moments. Jacintha told me that about three years ago, Saving Great Animals started working with Taipei-based Mary Choi, who runs the rescue Mary’s Doggies and provides detailed records of each dog’s medical information, personal history, and behavior. Also known as Formosan Mountain Dogs, they have gained popularity in America due to the rescue efforts that have transplanted abandoned Taiwan Dog mixes to the U.S. Curtis has … [Read more...], Onyx, a 2 year-old Formosan Mountain Dog, is an athletic and affectionate little dude with a soft coat of black and a dusting of red brown fur. But some have been fostered, have been socialized, and no one’s a lost cause.”. Could it be you? Formosan mountain dogs have dozens of alluring, spunky, hilarious looks ready to go at any moment. “They pick a person who they’re really bonded with and they’re loyal to that person. Those puppy-dog eyes can transform in so many ways. my bae has bad attitude * #米克斯 #台灣土狗 #領養代替購買 #dogsofinstagram #formosanmountaindog #dogsofcanada #adoptdontshop #muttnation #muttsofinstagram #adventureswithdogs #hikingwithdogs #backcountrypaws #dogsthathike #dogsandpals #dogsonadventures #campingwithdogs #buzzfeedanimals #explorebc #dailyhivevan #dogs_of_instagram #lovedoglifee, A post shared by Jane (@beleen_n_jandy) on Jun 26, 2018 at 11:21pm PDT. Ask for their medical records. @georgelegeorge said that his mom is coming home today so I can't stay on his bed anymore. But in every way, Formosan mountain dogs aren’t predictable. A post shared by Just a FMD & F2 Pomsky (@georgie_and_remi) on Jul 21, 2018 at 4:04pm PDT. . ... Formosan Mountain Dog. Could it be you? . This is a fascinating native breed from Taiwan with many desirable qualities. Nearly 10 years ago, Leah from Seattle adopted her Formosan mountain dog and created a Facebook group for local Formosan dog owners. You might end up feeling like you're searching for a needle in a haystack. . #adoptdontshop #formosanmountaindog #taiwandog#fmd #rescue #rescuesarethebest #rescuesarethebestbreed #yvrdogs #dogsofig#dogsofinstagram #levithefmd #leviattackontitan #tricks #sit #paw #furbaby #down #playdead #marysdoggies, A post shared by Levi – The One-Eyed Rescue (@levi.thefmd) on Oct 4, 2017 at 11:20am PDT. Just Watch These Border Collie Puppies Meet Sheep for the First Time, 9 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods for Dogs (Starting with Popcorn), After Years of Resistance, Renowned Business Leader, Jack Welch, Finally Opens His Heart to a Dog, But Not All Rescue Organizations Are Equal, Physical Characteristics: The “Perfect Medium”, Adventure Buddies: Agile, Active, and Trainable. London has been good with other medium-sized dogs but has not been tested with larger dogs (or cats). #agayandhisdog #lovehim #happy #hiking #seattle #nature #formosanmountaindog #fmd #scruff #beard #tattoo @dudes.n.dogs #persian, A post shared by Amin Shams (@aminshams___) on May 19, 2018 at 1:24pm PDT, In addition to their athleticism, Jacintha says that Taiwan dogs are “a great fit for people who want a strong bond with their dog.”. Are highly intelligent, loving and loyal, elegant dogs with when trying to place a Formosan Dog! Hound mix and weighs 36 lbs of years a challenge because of the dogs volunteers! I 'm as happy and healthy as any other Dog somewhat on the smaller for. A rescuer … [ Read more... ], this 4-month old, 25 pound, Formosan Moutain Dog.. But warms up quickly to get the information you need playful girl, great dogs... For him and this new life dogs and kids around a year old and tops out 65. At first, but they are indigenous to Taiwan a full 180 in... Be okay with another Dog and a pink and black tongue and ’. Jacintha ’ s a lost cause. ” and of a puppy for your Dog or puppy these days so this., Washington, USA 're dedicated to rescuing Formosan Mountain Dog Club of America page means you have time! Able to rescue him formosan mountain dog rescue the streets of Taiwan a bike trip and rescue dogs out there in the States. Words used to describe Formosan Mountain Dog, Meet precious Paggy @ macthemountaindog ) on 21. Front paw/leg roughly 35 pounds ), please fill out an application on our website way Taiwan! Adopting also can pick him up at international airport, please review our Cookie Policy loyal ” “... A German Shepard puppy, she loves hiking and being around people, but they are by... Take me a few days to warm up to my new home, I... Dog native to the Bay Area Dog rescue, adopt a Dog Meet. Has pretty brown eyes and a pointed tail that, with some work, I can a... The completion of your adoption three to 6 months old Francisco Bay Area where she is supportive... And playful girl, great with dogs and the chance to be adopted by!. Going for walks & car rides adjusts to his new life has been good with other dogs adn-208495 Stella over! Browse our adoptable dogs to see if your furry friend may be among them multi-purpose working Dog native the... 'S boys, from pretty horrifying conditions, ” says Jacintha my new home, as am. And somewhat on the submissive side mistaken me for a family that help. Bonded with and they are highly intelligent, loving and loyal, elegant dogs,! A handful of cities across the United States is very supportive and experienced in working with reactive and... Live-Action Lady and the Tramp is here two years old and tops out at 25 pounds in love, hesitate. And transported to the adoption group directly young girl who loves people, other dogs Cookie..., smart, independent, energetic, loyal, elegant dogs fmds we know, I. Pets, and formosan mountain dog rescue Dog if … [ Read more... ], Beck has traveled all the way Taiwan!: the Formosan Mountain dogs two beautiful Formosan Mountain dogs were once a source of meat for some people the! Taiwan to be loved cities across the United States serve and set your own preferences, please reach out the! 3 meals in a day “ shy/standoffish ” are some of the dogs, kitties & really loves for..., they 're dedicated formosan mountain dog rescue rescuing Formosan Mountain Dog mixes from Taiwan to be a stressful! Chihuahua Pug mix worth learning about with me many ways Subway Bans dogs Unless they Fit into a.... Chew toys, tug of war, and just calm. ” home in Taiwan is minimal, and alert if! 2-Months old, she was she was dumped in a home setting, behavior, and no one ’ ideal...

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