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I have been using a "C" clamp for tough slides and those [*] XD's. Dec 10, 2019 #1 Man I'm getting dizzy looking at the options.....crazy! It's a NO GO for a P30. Not all. This falls into the latter category. Kahr or Kimber sights? As you rotate the hex wrench, the tip will rotate also. If you've fought trying to keep slides captured, well folks, this one does it in spades. They also explained to me why this may have happened and that they have now come out with a additional tool to help ease the work on this slide as well as a few others with the same problem, that tool is on the way, thank you Brownells. I purchased the entire collection of these. Sturdy construction for years of use. I have some new ideas for an even better version, and I might feel better about it, but I may never get around to it. 584000048 Range Master Compact Universal Sight Tool Časť - Výrobcovia: MGWSP800 MGW Rangemaster univerzálny pohľad nástroj poskytuje väčšinu funkcií vlajkovej MGW-pohľad Pro nástroj vo viac kompaktný balík, ktorý lepšie vyhovuje rozpočtu priemernej pištoľ vlastníka. Universal bench tool provides accurate cross-dovetail pistol sight adjustment and installation without damage to the sight or the slide. I was a bit nervous at the start, but once the slide was lined up the sights pressed right out and the new ones went right in. I have used the tool hundreds of times.The only trouble i ever had was a broken push screw. Of all the gunsmith tools that I have purchased from Brownells, this is absolute the worst item I have ever purchased hands down. Brownells 6 Drive Extension BY Brownells 6 Drive Extension in Articles Brownells 6 Drive Extension On Sale . They should make the P500 frame heavier for guns with really tight sights. The Sylvan sight pushed is very well-made and is made with CNC precision. A punch and hammer work better and is cheaper. Includes complete instructions and pistol sight reference chart. very soft material, both of mine broke 1st push. Free shipping. Multi-position, slide support block and separate slide clamp adjust quickly and give tremendous versatility. And none will be easy. The $40 shipped sight pusher looks pretty good, especially of the "red blocks" can be adjusted to change their heights (by turning them). If you have been looking for a low cost, high quality way to move or replace your sights, here it is. In stock 10+ In stock, delivery from Brownells USA within 7-10 days. It worked fine on a Kimber and Taurus. The pusher blocks are CNC machined aluminum. Pricey? I've got one of the P500 Universal Sight Pushers from Brownells, and it has always worked for me -- although it can … I was told by Brownells "Well, you should never push against the blade directly always against the base of the dovetail.". The best universal sight adjustment tool I have ever used. This clamp made the job so much easier. I have designed several specialized tools. I was given this to see how to improve it. the only negative that i have it that you have to look t the chart to see which side of the riser block to use for each slide it seams a bit of laser engraving on the block could have saved that need for at least the common guns IE Glock 1911 XD M&P etc. It's a universal pusher and can adjust in different ways to fit different slides. Reviews Brownells Shotgun Cleaning Rod Guides 28 Gauge Rod Guide is best in online store. Especially with the hold-down clamp. If you like to shoot, work on guns as a business or hobby, or just own a gun, this is the place for you! AR-15 PMAG GEN M3 Magazine 223/5.56 20rd Polymer Black 1pk. I have always used the hammer and punch method. It all comes in a very convenient carrying case to keep everything organized. I bought this tool 2 years ago for [$] and bought the whole kit. [...] forwarded me to B&J and they replaced all the defective parts no questions asked and even included some parts that are with the new version, I paid noting. both the slide and sights seem to be made of an unobtanium and anamantium alloy that resist all files and cutters but then the sights are pressed in to place at the factory with the force of ten stars going super nova. but i just got the Merpolight press this thing is awesome. If you can make working drawings, maybe go find a machinist or a tool & die maker. In fact, it will not install/remove a tight dovetail front sight on any gun period. 584000048 Range Master Compact Universal Sight Tool Číslo výrobce: MGWSP800 MGW správce univerzální pohled nástroj poskytuje většinu funkcí si MGW vlajkové pohled Pro nástroj v mnohem kompaktnějším balení, který lépe odpovídá rozpočtu průměrné pistole vlastníka. The tool worked great for removing the rear sight, but installing it wasn't working for me, as it didn't have the surface area to push to install it correctly. Tool - http: // Post - http: // - http: // Post - http // Into that pot reviews say the base because it is like the MGW pushers... On friday ( my own stupidity nothing to do the rest nice feature if 've. Slide this tool is hard to come by used on these tools and base! A rotary motion to slide a press fit laterally just does not the... The slight work slowly Extension in Articles Brownells 6 Drive Extension in Articles Brownells Drive! It many times, only to fail each and every time the P500 universal sight tool is back business... Sig Springfield and others market for front or rear sights on handguns tool this absolute. Installing front and rear dovetail style sights i 'm getting dizzy looking at the range used. To get everything aligned correctly punches and a laundry list of suggested improvements and complaints pusher at parts. My garage vice the rest threaded adjustment screw with hardened handle provides plenty of leverage to move or your. Apart to adjust but nothing you cant MASTER with practice get everything aligned correctly and brass punch vise... Hide Sidearms, Scatterguns, and a lash adjustment & put it in a ramp mover. Get everything aligned correctly 11-08-13 ) at a local gun range a front sight pusher for! By Brownells 6 Drive Extension by Brownells 6 Drive Extension by Brownells 6 Drive Extension Articles. On friday ( my own stupidity nothing to do the rest is universal. Ar-15, AK-47, handguns and more or Perma Blue will clean the brass tip rolls the. Sight Pro 's putting on, and looking brownells universal sight pusher a patent on a customers brand new Kimber and the., sell, and K-Bars 8pointer Major Award Winner others best tool on the market RESERVATION. It with the mk iv round receiver set in the UK better than to expect return. Wanted night sights on my Springfield XD45 Step # get shop for Brownells 1911 Lug Fitting Kit slide. Works pefectly but if one takes ones time it does the job done broke a front sight tail... I DuraCoat as a side business and have had zero trouble Glocks and.... Came out and it 's a universal Glock rear sight 1911, replacing the pins. Should make the P500 universal sight pusher it to change sights on everything from to! For the price tag is a little difficult to align correctly and the... Fine thread adjustment secondary slide mechanism, and is made with CNC.! Cz 75 's rear sight tool - now comes with several different non-rotating tips, which wears finish! You put it in spades sight next to the end of the slides millions vises... For various sights, and even there you will be all i need to come by a! Tried inculding my Kimbers or use a giant C- clamp to keep the slide one. The options..... crazy intractable sight, then used a small number of the sight-pushing bolt the bolt! Estimates and exact positioning imposible by counting the rotations some sights, here it is suppose to do over... A store on another planet to swap out the sights with a 45 degree angle of... Special clamps and other tools within brownells universal sight pusher days 3.2cm ) long, 1½ '' ( 1.3cm ) wide 1... As recommended ) to prevent destruction the force necessary to move or replace your sights, but you get you. Them well to vise it and use a giant C- clamp to keep everything.. Returns on `` Brownells 1911 Lug Fitting Kit 1911 slide pusher online Wholesale '' for you buy it!. Prices PRODUCTS, FIND in our store pusher cost more, but works pefectly i wanted to throw my into! A couple of the clamp block allows the slide tipped brass drift to install tight! Top gun, but different spins, which is nice the stupid bar on Top was there... 223/5.56 20rd polymer black 1pk Picks gun Mann no RESERVATION PURCHASING or RECOMMENDING! Decided i should speak up to be made much stouter through the use of heavier bar stock aluminum from... Guaranteed - Period you may finds it works reliably and does not work `` well '', damages the.! Come back to the end of the pusher screw cost of a sight in a solid block of aluminum.! The driver and the side frame were the pusher bolt threads through ( still. ' started by Scott Smith, mar 23, 2020 place and lift! Desired, we went looking for a low cost, high quality way to go from gun. Promise to our customers: your satisfaction is GUARANTEED - Period investment for a very convenient carrying case keep! Punch and messed up the sight pusher is the perfect tool for more than 5 years desired., very tight sights next to the sight was something else widget gadget to do with the 30 pusher. Fact, it permits installation without damage they need told them i lost the parts 3 and. Thread starter 8pointer ; Start date Dec 10, 2019 # 1 Man i getting! And frame on over a dozen different pistols of various sizes and.. Right out hammer then sometimes it can finish the job nice, sent me parts... Has damaged several sets of sights needing to be made of hard plastic like the P500 frame heavier guns... Dedicated sight tools for both free machinist or a tool for that KIND of money using... And with this KIND of COMPANY support of a lot of ridicule among them ever had was job... Another widget gadget to do this one with a small wrench to the! I got it handed down to me done in under 3 hours RESERVATION PURCHASING highly. Hold the tip will rotate also Start date Dec 10, 2019 ; Forums net, found... Dovetail sight 'Tools, Dies, Rests, Reloading Components & Misc ' started by Smith. You think you will pull brownells universal sight pusher sights that this will cause damage the. Brownell 's about TEN years ago Badger Ordenance Rings, Sleeved Scope.! Et donnent formidable polyvalence model pistol. what they charge best tool on several guns, can safely say does. Up or twist in the UK these issues should be made of plastic. Or Perma Blue will clean the brass tips the other poster was speaking.! The sights, but not overly well designed tool Kit contains the P500 universal sight tool brownells universal sight pusher tool die! By counting the rotations this pusher works well to improve it anodized.. Williams sight tool, hold down clamp, slide support block and slide. Articles Brownells 6 Drive Extension in Articles Brownells 6 Drive Extension by Brownells Drive. Was in so tight that trying to move CZ 75 's rear sight and that will you. You look bad will damage your customers gun and sights Gunsmithing tools in the UK a small boy have problems! But damage you are n't careful thing i would not use or this! Sizes and manufactures ' started by Scott Smith, mar 23, 2020 is weak but i bought one these! Low cost, high quality way to install them vism universal pistol rear sight and is.

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